Things to ask when hiring an architectural firm

Choosing the right architecture firm is one of the most critical aspects of any construction project. It is important that you hire the right architect to design your structure. They should understand the local planning laws and regulations, as well as the most recent building codes. If they don’t, regardless of how brilliant their concept is, your money would be wasted if it can’t be designed.

Before you start looking for naming architecture firm, make sure you know exactly what you expect from the room you’re designing.

Quick tips

  • Check with local contractors and tradespeople to see if they know of a successful architect with whom they have previously worked. Make a list of two or three architects you’d like to contact. 
  • They should come to you for free to discuss the project at first.
  • Determine if they have designed additions and conversions in your local authority’s jurisdiction, inquire about their submission approval rate, and talk with local building control surveyors.
  • Ensure that they have complete knowledge of the local authority’s planning permit and building regulations (or standards) in writing.

Do you have a license?

To practise architecture in a given area, a leading architecture must be registered and licenced with the local board of architects. Check to see if your architect has the required qualifications.

Is there a portfolio available?

The majority of top architects would gladly share photos of their work with you. Request more views than those seen in the website gallery so you can examine a project from all angles. You may also compare the work of different architects at the company using project images.

The best projects that you have worked on

When looking at the top architecture firms in the world, this might seem like an unusual query, but architects and designers move around a lot. A firm may show you work that an individual completed while working at another firm during the interview process.

How long will the project take to complete?

A construction project may take anywhere from six months to several years to complete. So choose an architecture firm for whom you’ll be happy to work for a long time.

Can you take us to a recent site of work?

While a portfolio can give you an idea of what an architect can do, there is no better way to evaluate a person’s work than to look at a finished project. During an on-site visit, the top architecture firms will highlight specific aspects of the project. The visit can also help you gain a deeper understanding of different aspects of design in general.

Is there any police case ever done or any client who sued you?

You want to know how stable the architecture firm is and how well it is known. Check references to see if the company has ever had any big disagreements with its vendors or customers.

Can you tell the contractors you are collaborated with?

Architects from a naming architecture firm set out the plan so that contractors can build the project properly. The architect is responsible for overseeing the project to ensure that it adheres to the plan, so you’ll need an architect with the time and patience to do so, as well as a strong working relationship with professional contractors.

How much experience do you have?

Find out how much work the top architecture firms have done in your area and in your business. How well do you know the look and feel of the city or community where you want to build? Is the firm aware of any industry-specific design standards, such as those in health care or the arts?

What is the size of your firm?

Some top architects specialise in large-scale ventures or foreign work. If you have a small project, a small firm that can devote its full attention to you might be the best choice. For more details, contact the local chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

Will the person whom I am having a meeting will be the same that I will work with on the desired project?

Far too often, you meet a leading architecture you like during the initial meeting process, but when the project begins, you see an unknown face or someone you don’t care about. Another possibility is that the firm’s principals appear as part of the presentation team, but the project is actually handled by less experienced employees. Request a contract or written agreement that specifies who will be collaborating with you in the project.


When you build a house, an office, or any other type of infrastructure, you are bringing your dreams to life. Obviously, you’d like the best, as well as infrastructure that is both sustainable and reflective of your personality. So you go to one of  best architecture firms like HDA, and they present you with a concept that has been transformed into a blueprint. And that’s where it all begins. However, when you go online to look for these design firms, the sea of choices can be daunting. They let the best architects speak with you first, but they send novice architects to the job site. To prevent such occurrences, you may request that the company draught a contract that includes the names of the architects who will be working on your project at all times. The architecture firms like HDA provide you with such choices in order to maintain a clear and honest relationship with the company.

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