Not only in India, but across the world, there are few emerging trends which justify the role of architecture firms in the global property market. As we’re moving into a new world of construction and technology, these ideas will help to ease our lifestyle and escalate to the next level. Millions of architects are chasing these trends and working hard to provide us with the best. Many users are providing the latest references and technology options for improving the quality of life for newly built cities or spaces. The area is much broader, we have to go hand in hand technology, ecology and sustainable development. Let’s take a few examples, 3D printing, Automation and Artificial Intelligence are ready to bring changes in the era of high property demands. In india, Delhi/NCR region magnetising the investors and buyers because of Urban Design and Resource Management. A group of leading Architecture Firms in Delhi NCR doing hard work on the implementation of the concept of Landscape Urbanism, Renewable Energy and Environmental Awareness.

In the context of today’s condition, everywhere and everyone in the country search for perfect property solution to meet their residential or commercial needs. Delhi, Noida, Banglore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Gurugram etc. are profound for their hot properties but if we go more in detail, architecture firms in India play a vital role in designing of elegant properties to meet all requirements. These architecture firms do many things for you or can say having various job roles, which include plans, designs, and reviews the construction of buildings.

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An architect is the person who is fully equipped with required skill sets and eligible to design the look, shape and function of a building and also fully competent to find building safety and legal compliance. If we look at the definition of architecture – it’s considered as the art and science of designing and construction of buildings in such a way that it could support all various human activity and interactions.

There is specialization for residential and commercial architecture design, i.e. office architects will be good for designing your office spaces, checking all support system along with practical thinking and a methodical approach to construction. Whereas residential architects will be able to provide key solutions for your residential needs.

Architecture Firms in Delhi & their Services

Now let’s talk about various key skills and kinds of architectural services.

When discussed with the representative of one of the best Architecture Firms in Delhi NCR he told us a very interesting fact “ In case of bigger architectural firms the role and responsibilities are fragmented while in a small firm one single person do different jobs at a time”. While designing projects such as corporate offices, hotels, industrial buildings, housing and residential projects, interior architects are fully responsible for the functioning of interior spaces of buildings and take note on every subtle and important thing.

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HDA Delhi is one of the best architecture firms in Delhi that provides a broad range of architectural design services for all sorts of residential and commercial development. The brief include:-
● Programming
● Feasibility Study
● Architectural detail design
● Site analysis and selection
● Architectural design / documentation
● Materials research and specification
● Construction change directives
● Bid material and evaluation
● Consultant coordination, submittal review/approval

Architecture firms in Delhi NCR region always try to implement new/innovative solutions and having an excellent team of dynamic, energetic office architects & designers who are known for their outstanding work. If you’re looking for office architects in Delhi, then may take the help of the internet where a list of top architecture firms in Delhi & office architects will appear for you.

Now let’s find out other key areas of working where architects can provide impressive results to deal with futuristics requirements such as recycling spaces, urban design and resource management, inclusive architecture for a diverse population, power management, material management where to focus on detailed and local techniques.

When we go for commercial development, an office space remains the prime concerns for us because of a well-designed office always an allure to everyone – either it’s client or employee. Best office architects in Delhi identify solutions for your office building architecture & design. Everyone from landscape architect to interior architect provides safe and legal compliance services by their excellent design and drawing, creativity, technical, observation etc.

Hope you’ll be aware of a few key areas of working of architects while designing any residential or commercial project. HDA Delhi – an architecture firms in Delhi and offers you office architects services at any part of Delhi, Noida and NCR region.

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If you’re thinking to redesign or redecorate your office, it’s a good idea to go through – trending office interior designs. An office is a workplace where you and your staff spend more than one-third of his day-time, and your clients also visit the same. To create a cheerful working environment, office interior design must be stylish, iconic and soothing. It is definitely fruitful for your business and to impress customers, whenever they visit your office.

Every business has its own concept and idea, and to showcase this, they design their office accordingly. Let’s have a look of Google office- Zurich, its design is truly awesome creating a relaxing and fun support working environment. This is not a single example, in the world, many companies are trying to provide relaxing offices to work such as Selgas Cano – Madrid, Red Bull Office – Soho, London, AOL HeadQuarters, etc. An office interior design should be compelling and attractive along with outstanding features of the perfect work environment, mixing business with pleasure so that the staff can enjoy peace of mind and refuel during their breaks.

You’ve to go through a list of popular interior designs for offices to transform your idea into reality, and where you can opt for waiting area design, meeting room interior design, etc. In the world of commercial interior designing, there’re top office interior designs which are trending in the year 2019.


In modern commercial office design trends, geometric patterns are the best for office décor and this will make your working space super stylish with trendy. Geometric prints and painting ideas, design, shapes and artworks are creative ways to present a personalized experience to you. Geometric patterns on walls and floors offer a bold and dynamic impression. Black and white or colorful patterns are best suitable for every gender, age group and office rooms such as meeting, reception, cafeteria, working zone, etc.


If you’re thinking about to design a productive office space, then it’s best to forget tonal offices with neutral colors. You’ll have to opt for inspiring designs such as striking color palettes and mesmerizing patterns. This latest office designs can transform interiors in an amazing way. Beautiful wallpapers, fabric prints, room furniture, and artworks create striking contrasts and feel you motivated and inspired.


Metallics are one of the most popular commercial office interior designs that help to boost creativity and productivity. The design is best suited for small office ideas, where it works well with gold, bronze, and silver tones. To add value, style and high shine – metal surfaces and furnishings will be good for your office design. By metallics, Interior designing of office having smaller area appears to be larger, cleaner, modern and iconic. Visitors and you will enjoy a successful get-together because of positive waves in the surrounding.