5 Modern Hotel Interior Design Concepts
Hotel Design Concepts

In today’s competition zone every business vertical seeks something different that could elevate their growth. In case of Hospitality Business, trending and modern hotel interior design concept can be a game changer.  In a general term hotel decoration ideas explore how to design the interior including guest room, public space, lobby, exterior area, and overall by choosing the perfect theme, colour, design pattern, lighting and furniture. While doing all this, customers are always top-priority, how guests would feel about the overall ambience of the hotel.

In a recent survey,it was found that the hotel industry is annually growing with a growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023)  of 4.1% where the revenue generation was US $ 368, 359 million for year 2019. The market volume will be of US $ 432, 095 by 2023. Now it’s clear that how much hotel industry is profitable one. Globally, hotels serve various purposes including facility for accommodations, entertainment, meetings and business conference. Moreover, here they will get meals, drinks and other facility for successful accomplishment of their objectives. 

Before a deep-dive into the hotel interior and architecture design we should keep in mind that guests are always the first-priority, therefore everything we will be going to design must be captivating, beautiful and could mesmerize them.

Hotel interior design concept

Public area of a hotel must be attractive and eye-catching, while going through the hotel interior design concept we must have a look on these areas which includes lounges, guest corridors, banquet halls, bars, leisure area such as spa and health club. We should not ignore the guest’s rooms and associated rooms. It’s not really as simple as people might think, the hotel business completely depends upon the aesthetic and therefore every hotel interior designer should be aware about the following key areas of interior decoration. We have come up with following hotel decoration ideas to boost the interior of hotel.

A Luxurious lobby

It’s a fact that most of the guests impressed or not, entirely depends upon the lobby appearance. It’s the place of dining, gathering and recreation. And serve more than check in and check out. It should reflect the mood. We know the rank and value of a hotel entirely depends upon the reviews which could be achieved by the state and ambience of the hotel’s lobby design. Every commercial interior designer who is involved in hotel design should create a luxurious yet modern hotel lobby so that they could produce positive impact on the guests.

In order to accommodate the guests of all types, to decorate the lobby is one of the most challenging tasks. In lobby interior design, you have to ensure both types of private and public areas should be according to guests.  Hotel interior designers must take care of all the necessities in regards of quality, comfort and sophistication. While designing the same you can use creative ideas of waterfall, bars, plants or anything else that could be more inspiring and attractive.

Concept of Art-Light

In modern hotel room designs, for interior designers it’s important to keep focus on the visual art, as this could be more appealing, aesthetic, and fascinating. Lighting has a significant impact and can be a good one for hotel entrance design. In order to achieve excellence in art-light design one should use multiple corner pendants, rock crystal overhead chandeliers and sculptural side tables. In high profile or five star rated hotels you’ll find such kind of concept.

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Inclusion of Eye-Catching Colors and Textures

It would be more appealing, soothing and working if you use trending patterns and playful texture while designing of lobby, rooms, or any public area. In commercial interior design process, designers always prefer good choice of colour to make it more beautiful and lovely. In context of colours, these are really helpful to change the mood, behaviour, and psychology of a person. It would not only impress the guests but also will inspire them to get in a hotel again. Colors may throw the positive vibe in the hotel ambience, therefore from staff members to customers everyone will be in a state of positivity, happiness and enthusiasm.

Rooms & Associated Cabins

As we have already discussed over different segment of hotel, but the hotel rooms are the most vital one. The guest who paid his hard money would like to be in a relaxed and cozy zone. They are supposed to feel like a home, where they could easily access the facilities of the hotel. Hotel room interior can be classic to modern one. All room designs ideas suggest that hotel room should be luxurious one and have the capability to manage the guest and make them feel welcomed. Here it’s worth noting that hotel bedroom design, should be fascinating and enticing. 


Hotel wall design helps to create a great ambience and illusion of the space in the entire hotel. To decor the wall you should use finest quality of paint, and perfect combination of colors that could make everything nice.

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