Important Factors for a Turnkey Construction Project
turnkey construction projects

Isn’t a good idea, if you get everything in a ready-made state either it’s your office, shop or home. You don’t need to feel any kind of hustle in the construction of the residential or commercial project. Today, we’re going to discuss the turnkey construction and benefits of a turkey project.

What is a Turnkey Project?

A turnkey project refers to a project which is delivered after the entire completion, it may be either a residential or commercial project. In this type of business, the customer and contractor both will enjoy amazing benefits. Customers can get everything within his budget with no hurdle, and the contractor can optimise the project as per his wish without compromising the customer’s requirements. A turnkey solution provider is hired to complete the residential, or a commercial unit by design, construction, PMC or anything else.

The project is handed over to the final owner if it becomes fully operational in every context. This project is taken by the contractor, or project development firm from the beginning of the project till the finish or can say the “turns the key” over to the owner. This kind of approach is applied to every project either it’s single buildings or large-scale developments. In this kind of process, the owner provides his budget, requirements, and specifications to the turnkey solution provider. In turnkey constructions, the owner has complete authority to make decisions throughout the project and can put any add-on requirements or changes needed. However, the owner does not bear any kind of burden of the project to handle any project related problems, the turnkey contractor handles all problems. 

If we talk about the turkey home, the turnkey solution provider will provide you everything from carpet to the cabinet, design to interior designing of the home. You will have to only live there, leaving anxiety out.

Benefits of Turnkey Project

Turnkey projects are not limited to the homes but also implemented to different types of projects including retails, shopping malls, offices, coffee shops etc. The turnkey construction has its own merits over the types of constructions processes, here are a few points listed:

  • Reduced total time
  • Lower the cost to project
  • Minimise the requirement changes
  • Best for small-scale and large scale projects
  • Can accumulate residential and commercial projects effectively
  • Full responsibility of a single contractor.

Key factors involved:

  • Project Management and Cost Estimation

Every project has its own complexity and magnitude, and everything depends upon the kinds of projects and their scale. A turnkey solution provider will be responsible to manage all such requirements for successful completion of the project. Effective project management will play a vital role in the timely completion of the project in the allocated budget and given specifications. Here it’s worth noting that a turnkey contractor will have to ensure the coordination and management of providers, subcontractors, and government agencies. Progress of the project matters a lot, if not completed in time it can lead to a huge loss for both owner and turnkey contractor. 

  • Risk Allocation

Even turnkey projects have several benefits but it also involved many risks which are needed to be allocated before proceeding further. A turnkey contractor or project development manager has to assume all kinds of project construction risks. Here it’s worth noted that there would be a necessity of a turnkey contractor for allocating the risks. Meanwhile, cost-estimation is also involved which should be top-priority because it impacts the customer as well as vendors and contractors to itself.  Most of the time, the owner and contractor should align themselves in milestone-based payments.

  • Turnkey Contractor

To streamline the overall construction process, a turnkey contractor must have good exposure in handling an entire construction project. They must have excellent resources and capability to manage everything in the budget. HDA Delhi is one of the finest turnkey solution providers in the Delhi/ NCR region, and we always benefit you in terms of both time and cost, ensuring the quality of the project at the same time. We have built a strong relationship with developers and architects while working on any of the commercial or residential projects and provide top-quality workmanship through every stage of the project.  

We’re also known as one of the leading architecture and interior designing firms in Delhi, Noida, and NCR. We have more than 20+ years of experience in handling all sorts of residential and commercial projects. We believe in on-time delivery of the project under the allocated budget. We always strive to assist our clients in making the project much better so as to provide complete satisfaction. In a short span of time, we’ve earned the trust of our potential clients by our excellence in architecture and interior design service

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