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Trending office interior design concepts are connected with the psychology of human behavior. Where modern office design practices impact business productivity and employee’s behavior. HDA Delhi is known for its in-house team of professional office interior designers and architects that build an exciting workplace that thrive. We explore elegant office designs and interiors based on the latest trending concepts.

Why must you have brand-reflective office interior design?

 Office interior design always influences employees, clients, and visitors. Also, an excellent interior design inspires them to do something inspiring. The workplace plays a vital role in your success, and reflect your business identity, vision, and thought. You think yourself twice If feel there’s something like the gap between brand and interior design. As a dull, boring office space would not allow employees to work happily or in a stress-free zone, and also not allow to capture the attention of visitors. Hence may cause of a bad reputation. Therefore, it’s good to take the advice of our office interior designers, as they are the people who have vast experience in corporate office interior design.

Best office interior design concepts

Before selecting the best one, you should have a clear about what you want for your employees, clients or to do with your brand. Let’s go in detail with office interior design concepts.

The Flexible Workspace

Big giant companies use this kind of approach for their employees, as this features unassigned seating arrangements. This concept is gaining more popularity where furniture such as tables, desks, and chairs are resizable and easily movable. It’s quite different as compared to the workplace where chairs, tables, and other resources are fixed. The logic behind flexible workspace is to promote collaboration among the employees. Here they are allowed to sit freely or having the possibility for unassigned seating arrangements for them.

In this kind of workspace, desks and workstations are easy to move as they are on wheels. They can move where they feel more focussed and concentrated. And make it possible for team members to come closer for building coordination resulting speed up of project and productivity.

Nature-Centered Workplace

Biophilic design is one of the most trending office interior design, aim to connect people with nature while they’re working. Psychologically nature impacts on humans and let them feel calm, relaxed, and internally full of joy. The concept helps in better health, creativity, concentration, and work performance. Our commercial interior designers, especially for office, offer you different sorts of combination that perfectly match with your workspace, and capable of enhancing mood.

Let’s understand the elements involved in Biophilic design.

Natural Light:- Most of the time we encounter with artificial lighting in office premises. And natural lights are healthier than artificial ones. So we should allow sunlight or daylight to enter into the office through glass doors, high glass ceilings, glass walls, or windows.

Plants:- These are genuinely the best one for improving concentration and health. Presence of plants make you feel closer to nature, purify the toxic air, and enhance the look and feel of the office space.

Flowing Water:- It would be better to make your office space occupied by fountains, mini-waterfalls, or any kind of soothing water body. It sounds good to connect employees or visitors with nature.

Nature’s View & Materials:- There could be many options like outside office greenery view through windows, or indoor gardens, or maybe imaginative view by painting throughout the buildings.

Home Like Surrounding

How you’ll feel if your office looks like your home? I think it’s amazing!

Today it’s one of the most sought after modern office interior design which companies are implementing for employe’s comfort. The objective behind the home-like workplace is to make the workplace as relaxing and stress-free. Group meeting can be held in informal modes like sitting in a living-room having cozy sofas and chairs. Isn’t good, that employee can work while sitting on the sofa or cafe table. All this makes your day, and increase the business productivity.

Our commercial interior designers offer you different types ofultra-modern office design concepts. Homelike interior design helps the employee to take short breaks to regain energy after strenuous working hours. Technology has changed the entire scenario of old fashioned office space; now, you can work while moving on a laptop. As employees spend most of the time in office, and if work pressure is more or project need to finish in the shortest time, then home-like office design can play a vital role. The employee can stay in office for as long as possible.

Activity-based office space

Most of the companies are using activity-based of office design, means employees can work according to their activity. If an employee seeks more concentration, then he or she can move towards to a quiet and peaceful area that is away from office din. In another case where there is a requirement of collaboration with co-workers, then he or she can opt for open communication with co-workers. In activity-based office design, you’ll find different types of areas- public office areas, privacy areas, quiet focus areas, meeting areas, lounge areas.

Best Office Interior Design Services

HDA Delhi profound for its exclusive and trending office interior design practices. Our innovative and experienced interior designers and architects present you valuable suggestions and services to enhance your business productivity. All services are affordable, as well as designed to meet your business expectations. Today we’re recognized as the top architecture and interior design firm in Delhi/NCR.

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