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5 Ways Decorative Glass Will Transform Your Space

Either you’re in a residential building or in a commercial one, Glass can play a vital role in enhancing the indoor environment quality to a large extent. And also energy efficiency. Architects and designers pay special attention to the installation of decorative glass window panels, decorative glass panels for walls and for decorative glass door

Best Cubicle Decor Ideas in 2019 – A Glance

Your employees spend most of the time in office, and every time they want to feel relaxed and comfortable as they feel at home.  We’re come up with best cubicle decor ideas for you which will let you and your employee an enjoyable office lifestyle. Sometimes your employees feel bored or in the state of

How to Choose The Right Office Space Location

Almost everyone of us works very when it comes to finding a perfect location for our office space which should be under an easy reach of our employees, clients or stakeholders. And therefore we should keep in mind few factors in order to choose best office space at the best place. Location plays a very

Easy Ways for Office Interior Design

Trending office interior design concepts are connected with the psychology of human behavior. Where modern office design practices impact business productivity and employee’s behavior. HDA Delhi is known for its in-house team of professional office interior designers and architects that build an exciting workplace that thrive. We explore elegant office designs and interiors based on

5 Sign You Need An Office Renovation – An Overview

An Office renovation offers you an excellent opportunity to impress visitors, clients, and your employees, it’s the finest task that you can do to transform an uninspiring space into a beautiful workspace. To create a stand-out office space you have to consider design, space, and budget. An office is a place where you and your

The Awesome Features That Your Office Must Have

Today, every entrepreneur or business doers seeks an organized space which could lead to productivity & ability to allure their workforce, clients, and visitors. Modern office interior design practices providing a variety of options for them – as trends in interior designing are evolving with rapid pace.  Even if you have many office interior design

Role of Architecture Firms in the Property of India

Not only in India, but across the world, there are few emerging trends which justify the role of architecture firms in the global property market. As we’re moving into a new world of construction and technology, these ideas will help to ease our lifestyle and escalate to the next level. Millions of architects are chasing

Tips for Office Interiors Design in Delhi NCR

Do you believe, interior designs impact your business? Well-Designed office space can improve your productivity to the next level by leaving long-lasting influence on everyone. Office interior design plays a vital role to catch the attention of either client, employee or anyone. Sometimes this reflects your business thought process, identity, ideas, and attitude. Top interior

Best Office Interior Design Trends For 2019 – Innovative, Relaxing And Soothing

If you’re thinking to redesign or redecorate your office, it’s a good idea to go through – trending office interior designs. An office is a workplace where you and your staff spend more than one-third of his day-time, and your clients also visit the same. To create a cheerful working environment, office interior design must

The Importance of Colour in Interior Design

Do you remember being awestruck by the aesthetic of a room the last time you visited someone’s home? Ordinarily, one would think that the elements in the room, like the wallpaper, the curtains, the door of the wardrobe, or the shelf of antiques is what caught your eye. If studies are to be believed, what