Top-Architectural Designing Company in Delhi NCR

HDA Delhi is profound as one of leading Architecture firm with an office in Delhi. We use modern & advanced architecture practices to provide the best solutions, with ref. To our architecture consultancy services, we’re engaged in a diverse range of work including Project Management, Master planning, structural and civil engineering, Surveyors, architecture urban design, plumbing, electrical, air-conditioning and more. Our team of experts is highly proficient to deal with every project by their analytical, creative & practical thinking. In a short span of time, we have set a benchmark by efficiently handling of world-class residential & commercial projects. A collection of architect designers, landscape architects/ designers, project manager, planner, architectural drafters playing a vital role in speed-up and quality delivery of projects.

As one of the top architects in Delhi, we not only emphasize on communication or design but also treat every project as an opportunity which encompasses project’s identity, code of ethics, sustainable & exclusive design to fulfill all futuristic needs.

Role of architect in architecture design

An architect plays a vital role in the construction, where his/her responsibilities can be split into three phases- the design, documentation, and construction. They work from the initial concept to the completion of the project. Moreover, An architect is equally artistic and practical mind person having an excellent design concept for home & office designs. They are always involved in designing new buildings and recommends alterations to pre-existing buildings. They spontaneously involved in high-level of drawing skills to design the buildings and ensure this is safe, sustainable, and functional. HDA Delhi falls under the top architecture firms in India providing you high-quality architecture design services in Noida.

Architects must be capable of handling the commercial building design as well as a residential one. A commercial architect has more task to accomplish therefore responsible for collaboration with engineers, and trade specialist. The commercial buildings include storerooms, meeting rooms, cafeterias, parking garages, escalators, elevators and many other spaces which further require specific design elements. Commercial architects remain involved in office design, retail design, and hotel architecture design and more. The architect office design or any commercial building involved in a comprehensive design process such as functionality, safety regulations, building codes, and budget.

Commercial Architecture Designing Services in Noida

HDA Delhi offers a large range of Commercial Architecture Designing Services in Noida, Delhi & across any part of India. Our architects are well experienced and apply artistic, construction and engineering skills while designing commercial buildings and structures. Since our inception, we have designed many commercial complexes including hotels, corporate towers, retail stores, malls, offices etc. Our team of architects takes part in every step of the building process and design to match your business requirements and safety standards and regulations.

We’re always appreciated by our clients for interactive architectural and client-focused approaches. As an Architectural Consultancy, we provide end-to-end solutions for all your business needs.

Why Choose Us

  • Projects built on time, on budget
  • Expandable long-range plans
  • Rendered by us in user-defined specifications
  • Systematic execution
  • Community compatible developments
  • High function, low energy building design