Amazing interior design ideas to make your small apartment look spacious and roomy

Home is the most precious place where we spend most of our time and feel relaxed. Our home depicts our personality and always desires it to look appealing and charming. But decorating a smaller apartment is mostly challenging due to limited space.

Here is a list of few interior design ideas to make your small space appear larger and welcoming.

Neutral colors

Colour is the most important factor for a  space to look bigger. Using neutral shades makes the space airy and natural. You can also opt for different hues of pastel colors. Another way to play with colors is by utilizing different shades of single subtle color. At the same time, keep your furniture matching with the color of your walls. To break the monotony, use poppy and vibrant cushion covers. Variations in the carpets or rugs can also make a huge difference.


Use of mirrors

It is one of the most popular and simplest tricks to make your house feel spacious and lighter. It not only accomplishes the requirement of space but also acts as a beautiful decor piece. You can use more than a single mirror to create an illusion of a huge room. The placement of mirrors is also crucial. Placing a mirror just opposite the window can reflect a lot of light and make the room airy. HDAdelhi has beautiful and attractive mirrors of all the sizes.


Multifunctional furniture

Deciding the type of furniture is very important while designing and planning for a small space. You need to purchase furniture that can perform different functions at the same time without taking up too much space. Using a sofa bed is a great option for a small living area. Shrinking the dining space and using furniture items that can be folded when not needed are a great option for saving space. Habitat deals in providing personalized furniture that fits your small space amazingly.


Open kitchen

It is advisable to keep your kitchen open for small apartments to show that the space can look bigger and unclustered. Having too many separate areas can actually make the space look tiny. Another smart option is to use a shield that is removable and you can easily hide it whenever you want to make the living area more spacious. If you own a small house then consider Island kitchen because that looks modern and yet fulfills the necessary storage requirements.


Keep minimalist

Our house can significantly impact our mood. If the house is too messy and clustered, then it can make you gloomy and anxious especially if the house is already small. The best way to deal with this is to keep your house as minimalistic as possible. It is better to remove all the unnecessary home decor items but do not empty the house completely. That can actually make the house look boring and dull. Therefore, having an accent wall or accent decorative pieces is an optimum option. Also instead of hanging expensive paintings, dedicate a wall to your family pictures that will act as a memory wall.


All these interior designing ideas and hacks are extremely easy to achieve and you can do it on your own.

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