Working from home has become a part of the new lifestyle. The lockdown has brought tremendous changes in the working patterns and people have adopted working from home which is expected to continue even after this lockdown. But, often we tend to procrastinate and become less productive while working from home because of household distractions therefore it is very important to have a proper dedicated workplace in your house where you concentrate better on your work further enhancing your productivity.

Here is a list of ideas to provide you inspiration for designing and creating an effective working space or a small studio in your house to boost productivity.

Keep It Minimalistic

When designing your home office, try to keep it as minimalistic as possible with fewer number of decor items. The best way is to go monochromatic and paint your home using a light colour palette or just sticking to white. To break the monotony and dullness, paint the door with a bright colour or bring a pop of colour through furniture. You can play with different types of lights for enhancing your office so that you can work flexibly at any time. You can get some of the best office lights from HDAdelhi.

Add Greenery

One of the best ways to incorporate nature is by adding green plants in your home office. Having a number of green plants can make a huge difference in the working place and help you to feel calm and peaceful while working. Surrounded by greenery will help you to feel fresh and be more productive. There are various options to choose from by selecting the plants, but it would be best to purchase plants that require less maintenance so that you don’t have to look after them a lot when busy. Also, you can find amazing green aquariums at HDAdelhi for giving your office a modern touch.

Not compromising with comfort

When designing your home office, comfort is the first thing that comes to our mind as we are going to spend most of our time working there. Investing in sleek yet comfortable office chairs is extremely crucial as bulky chairs can tire you soon. Always look for comfortable chairs and sofas for your office house where you can relax and chill when tired. If you love reading, having comfortable couches can make a huge difference to your reading experience.

Window adjacent to living area

If you are a working mother, you must have faced problems in dealing with household activities and children while working. Having a huge window adjacent to the living area can be a rescue. These windows are not only elegant in design but are also extremely functional. They can be quickly opened and shut according to the requirements and you can also keep an eye on toddlers for visitors in case. Curtains can be used to overcome any sort of distraction that you may face while working. You can consult HDAdelhi that has expertise in designing and creating according to your requirements and personal space.


I hope these tips and tricks must have been useful for creating a productive house office. For more information regarding interior design, check out HDAdelhi.