According to the latest survey conducted on the startups, it was revealed that there are almost 150 startups in the world. Where every startup faces the challenge of a fierce competition zone. In this article we will cover the effective office design concepts to meet the contemporary startups challenges.

Startups always suffer with “Survival for Fittest”, they have to overcome such challenges which may include – winning of customer trust, to make a brand value, established themselves in the market. In a brief summary, an elegant office design is needed to leave a great impression on the clients, employees and visitors. Therefore, before going into the detailed discussion, we must analyse each and every thing while searching for effective office design concepts.

The heat of fierce competition always keeps startups on their toes, and it’s quite tough to clear the way. Mainly B2B and B2C suffer from this.

Today we’re going to discuss the office design concepts to create a better a space for productivity, value and to accomplish the vision and mission.

Why We Should Take Care of Startup Office Setup

An office is a place where we spend our 8-12 hrs of day, and it’s a worthy time. It’s a vital place for both employees and customers, where we should take care that it must be functional, comfortable, inviting and visually appealing. If office interior design becomes able to cross the mark then it would enhance productivity and efficiency to the next level. This helps to manage the brand, professionalism and success.

Top office interior designers in India strive to provide effective design solutions for you.  If the office design is not designed properly then it might influence the people’s attitude, behaviour, moods, inspirations. and working style. If office design is cluttered, outdated and poorly designed then it may impact the clients and customers, which may drive to poor results.

Best Office Design Concepts

Here are some best office design concepts which may boost the efficiency of your office. While discussing the same we will get the all about the office design requirements which might be pretty much helpful in startup office setup.

Focus on Modular and Flexible Startup Office Furniture

Furniture can play a vital role in enhancing the look and feel of an office. Meanwhile they are very effective in creating a valuable and multipurpose space. Today’s meeting room may become the next day’s presentation, training or storage room. Therefore, it would be better to select the startup office furniture wisely. 

Due to budget constraints, a start up should take care of furniture that must be modular and flexible one.

If we take a glance at the startup office furniture we can opt for office furniture including Office, Aluminium Floor Skirting, Cubix Toilet Cubicles Solutions etc.

Lighting Must be Our Top Priority

Appropriate office lighting is required for successful execution of the work. It might hamper the work  or may disturb the mood, and productivity of the employees. Which may lead to the problems of headaches and eye strain. We should ensure the proper lighting at the workplace.

In order to ensure the better quality of lighting in the office space we must implement the appropriate windows, glass walls to divide offices and proper lighting arrangement everywhere.  It would be a great idea to add the combination of natural and artificial. The natural light can reduce the stress level and make better on morale, and energy. But artificial light is also quite important in the office.

Rethink of Color

Colors  are quite important for various purposes where it may cause thinking in an innovative way, can sooth to eyes, and maintain blood pressure. Or can suppress the appetite. Colors feel you calm and help to refocus, and it’s also good to boost the energy.

It encourages you to do good things. If  you don’t have a perfect colour choice for your office, it might create problems for employees. It may impact productivity. Therefore while choosing the interior designs for your office you must take care of colour selections.

The office colours are quite helpful in enhancing the productivity, happiness and creativity of employees. . Moreover, these can impact other areas of life while working on the site. 

Create a Breakup Space

Breakout spaces are the places in the office which are away from the high traffic zone typically from the lunchrooms, elevators etc. and these work as for employees to relax and recharge psychologically. 

Moreover, it is helpful to enhance the intellectual and emotional batteries of the employees after a tough day of work. 

Promote high-performance space

It’s a big challenge for startup office setup where they cannot afford different types of open space. The office interior designers always try to optimize the space according to necessities. While designing the office space they are bound to provide effective changes where they can put cubicle-free approaches. That will be helpful in cross-functional team connect.Create an outstanding office interior design to fulfill the necessities of your business.

Best Office Interior Designers in Delhi / NCR

We’re one of the finest interior designing and architecture firms in Delhi/NCR having exceptional record in commercial and residential projects. A team of the best architecture and interior designers strive to transform all your space. We have expertise in office and home interior designing. Where we can provide you with a wide range of solutions in terms of effective office design concepts.

Yes! Interior design is one of the most important factors which attracts customers. If you are a restaurant owner then this article will be helpful for you to rethink the restaurant interior design. Here we will provide you the best restaurant interior design tips to enhance the beauty of your restaurant.

You often visit restaurants with family, friends or alone where you eat a meal and pay for it. As a human being, you sometimes refer to a particular restaurant for various reasons. But what compels you to visit that specific place? There could be many answers for this – such as affordability, service and can say the way it’s designed.

Modern restaurant design practices can reshape your restaurant and will be helpful to increase sales and value. Soon you will realize how restaurant interior design can transform the way of your business.

Top 10 Restaurant Interior Design Tips

We will explore the best restaurant interior design tips which will be helpful to create an outstanding destination. It might be good to produce the feel of luxury to customers. A restaurant interior design must be eye-catching having the potential to magnetise the people who visit the place.

  • Eye-Catching Entrance

It would be better if you create a striking entrance to your restaurant. It should be designed exquisitely because if people will be well-versed about your restaurant then the frequency of their visit will definitely increase. 

It should be unique and the name should be displayed in bold so that visitors could see it properly and with complete attention. We will recommend that the design should match your restaurant identity and types of food items served.

  • Focus on Customers

Without customers, there is no business! And therefore you should keep in mind about the target customers. Everything depends on the types of clientele which might be either young, old, or belongs to any specific group or community. 

If your customers are of the young generation – then you can try anything while putting the modern interior design. If you conduct a survey then you may find better options. Funky wall art, bold lighting, peppy furniture or different types of colour schemes can be good choices.

You should ensure that it must be trendy and stylish. Here it would be better to use trendy interior design tips including the use of Sci-Fi,  Forest, and Halloween theme-based restaurants. However, if you try the Tiki Bar or Aqua theme then it will entice the young generation.

  • Lighting

If you give preferences to the appropriate lighting in your restaurants, then it will be a good thought. The lighting arrangement has many advantages including the setting of mood, increasing the sales and promoting visitors to come again and again. Furthermore, it can influence customers to enjoy an amazing dining experience. 

The top restaurant interior designers can offer you valuable suggestions in regard to lighting. Where scented candles can be a good choice for you. However, the lighting can be set according to the timings – such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If the perfect arrangement will be made then definitely, the customers will visit regularly.

  • Executive Artwork

Art work can also play a significant role in enhancing the restaurant design therefore you must select the artwork wisely. Here there are many good examples of artwork that you can implement such as gigantic artwork, Graffiti, and adding water features.

  • Color Selection

A good color selection can enhance the beauty of the restaurant and leaves an amazing impression on the customers. Furthermore, it can increase the sales of your restaurant. For this, you can select different sets of color schemes in interior design of your restaurant space for various sections. 

Every section should be painted according to the requirement. Where it can fulfill the types of activity, types of customers – such as family, friends or single.

Light colour schemes such as the use of Ivory, beige, white, pale yellow and light Gray produces an amazing effect. It makes a leisurely and relaxing atmosphere. It will be a good choice for upscale restaurants and bistros. Meanwhile, the dark colour scheme is perfect for creating intimate and romantic settings. There is another range of colours so-called warm colours which are pretty much helpful in leaving a visual impression on the guests.

  • Table Combinations

Before going further in the detailed discussion,  it would be better to determine the right blend of tables. Moreover, all tables should be of good shape and design. You can use 2 to 6 top tables according to your necessities.

Restaurants, pubs, and bars use different sets of combinations. Where customers bunch, family, or individual needs might be a few factors to decide the perfect one.

While going through the perfect restaurant interior design tips you should keep your focus on different zones. A modern restaurant design practice may keep you ahead.

  • Experiments

Trying something new always works where sometimes it can give you better options. You can try out a new theme or a story inspired interior. Set up furniture, adding paintings, putting on something unique while designing the restaurant. 

  • Theme

It would be good to find an amazing and unique theme for your restaurant which differentiates you from others. There are multiple theme options available which include cruise theme, airplane restaurant,  rainforest theme, caged tree and many more.

  • Put Your Old Stuff in Use

If you are thinking of restaurant interior design then you should forget to use the old stuff to take in use. Old glass bottles, if designed perfectly can be used as a candle holder.  You can make restaurants more personalized so as to attract more clients. 

Whenever a restaurant interior designer goes for a project of restaurant interior design, then it will try to provide you with a great look and feel. He tries to add value to restaurants by using classic and old materials.

  • Kitchen

The kitchen always matters either it’s in the restaurant or at home, you can make it good. It’s the heart of the restaurant. Customers find it more fascinating if it’s designed aesthetically to meet your requirements. It would be better to keep the kitchen well-illuminated with complete ventilation.

Commercial Restaurant Interior Designers

HDA Delhi / Habitat is one of the finest restaurant interior design service providers in the Delhi/NCR region. Where our team members and experienced interior designers are always ready to help you. Since our inception, we have accomplished a great range of commercial projects including retail stores, shops, offices, and restaurants.  We always try to implement the modern restaurant design practices to make your restaurant better.

We also provide architecture services for the above commercial projects. We keep our focus on the use of trendy, and modern interior design so as to meet the business requirements of the project owner.




Isn’t a good idea, if you get everything in a ready-made state either it’s your office, shop or home. You don’t need to feel any kind of hustle in the construction of the residential or commercial project. Today, we’re going to discuss the turnkey construction and benefits of a turkey project.

What is a Turnkey Project?

A turnkey project refers to a project which is delivered after the entire completion, it may be either a residential or commercial project. In this type of business, the customer and contractor both will enjoy amazing benefits. Customers can get everything within his budget with no hurdle, and the contractor can optimise the project as per his wish without compromising the customer’s requirements. A turnkey solution provider is hired to complete the residential, or a commercial unit by design, construction, PMC or anything else.

The project is handed over to the final owner if it becomes fully operational in every context. This project is taken by the contractor, or project development firm from the beginning of the project till the finish or can say the “turns the key” over to the owner. This kind of approach is applied to every project either it’s single buildings or large-scale developments. In this kind of process, the owner provides his budget, requirements, and specifications to the turnkey solution provider. In turnkey constructions, the owner has complete authority to make decisions throughout the project and can put any add-on requirements or changes needed. However, the owner does not bear any kind of burden of the project to handle any project related problems, the turnkey contractor handles all problems. 

If we talk about the turkey home, the turnkey solution provider will provide you everything from carpet to the cabinet, design to interior designing of the home. You will have to only live there, leaving anxiety out.

Benefits of Turnkey Project

Turnkey projects are not limited to the homes but also implemented to different types of projects including retails, shopping malls, offices, coffee shops etc. The turnkey construction has its own merits over the types of constructions processes, here are a few points listed:

  • Reduced total time
  • Lower the cost to project
  • Minimise the requirement changes
  • Best for small-scale and large scale projects
  • Can accumulate residential and commercial projects effectively
  • Full responsibility of a single contractor.

Key factors involved:

  • Project Management and Cost Estimation

Every project has its own complexity and magnitude, and everything depends upon the kinds of projects and their scale. A turnkey solution provider will be responsible to manage all such requirements for successful completion of the project. Effective project management will play a vital role in the timely completion of the project in the allocated budget and given specifications. Here it’s worth noting that a turnkey contractor will have to ensure the coordination and management of providers, subcontractors, and government agencies. Progress of the project matters a lot, if not completed in time it can lead to a huge loss for both owner and turnkey contractor. 

  • Risk Allocation

Even turnkey projects have several benefits but it also involved many risks which are needed to be allocated before proceeding further. A turnkey contractor or project development manager has to assume all kinds of project construction risks. Here it’s worth noted that there would be a necessity of a turnkey contractor for allocating the risks. Meanwhile, cost-estimation is also involved which should be top-priority because it impacts the customer as well as vendors and contractors to itself.  Most of the time, the owner and contractor should align themselves in milestone-based payments.

  • Turnkey Contractor

To streamline the overall construction process, a turnkey contractor must have good exposure in handling an entire construction project. They must have excellent resources and capability to manage everything in the budget. HDA Delhi is one of the finest turnkey solution providers in the Delhi/ NCR region, and we always benefit you in terms of both time and cost, ensuring the quality of the project at the same time. We have built a strong relationship with developers and architects while working on any of the commercial or residential projects and provide top-quality workmanship through every stage of the project.  

We’re also known as one of the leading architecture and interior designing firms in Delhi, Noida, and NCR. We have more than 20+ years of experience in handling all sorts of residential and commercial projects. We believe in on-time delivery of the project under the allocated budget. We always strive to assist our clients in making the project much better so as to provide complete satisfaction. In a short span of time, we’ve earned the trust of our potential clients by our excellence in architecture and interior design service

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An office is not merely a destination where we go for earning it’s a place of planning, organising, and staffing. Excellent office space design ideas can do wonders for you where it can inspire your team’s best work. In this topic, we will discuss the 10 creative office space design ideas to explore more about office interior decoration.

Furthermore, creative office design can play an important role in enhancing the overall mood and productivity. Well-Designed office space will be very impact in increasing business growth and sales. It can decorate an office properly where it would reflect your mission, vision and business identity. An office must be decorated in such a way that it embodies the company’s value.

We should make our office like a fun brand and support office employees by creating a beautiful working environment. If you are willing to open a new office or renovate the existing one. Then there are numerous office space decor ideas which can be very helpful in making your office an elegant one.

Office Planning

Before going into further discussion, it would be better to understand what is our objective and how we are going to deal while designing our office. As we know that there could be many options but which one will suit our requirements, in fact, matters the most. The employee spends 8-12 hrs in a day, and if office design planning is poor then it will impact the overall productivity and efficiency of employees. They will feel tired, and inactive throughout the day, or in an important discussion regarding business.

Office planning is not a piece of cake, it requires a lot of office planning advice, searching, fulfilling the business objective, and keeping the budget on top-priority.  An online office planner can be pretty much helpful to find the right solution and to try different ideas for your office. Now office decor ideas are easy to capture while going into the in-depth searching of best office space decor ideas.

Whenever you are done with complete project planning then you can go with the creation of an office layout which includes the floor plan design, and planning for windows, walls, doors, and stairs. Commercial office interior designers can make an office layout using different sorts of tools. Where you can manage everything in a very simple way and would be able to reduce the cost, this will allow you to manage the colours of walls, the position of objects, and the theme to cater to the best look and feel. Top office interior designers in India have great experience in creative office design for work and serving the corporate world.

Office Design Ideas for Work

To improve the quality, efficiency, and productivity in a business, we must ensure that the working environment should be relaxed, cosy and alluring. It must be a peaceful one, along with having the capacity to remove the stress while working. Therefore companies always strive to make an office environment as a  choice of employees. Let’s go through the following office decor ideas to make your office the best one.

Imagine the Possibilities

While designing the office you can imagine the letters, documents, photos, which you can pin for decor. Office wall art for an inspired work space will give an elegant look and feel to the office and will be helpful to make everyone feel comfortable. After finding the perfect place and finest pics and arts you can put the same to make office design ideas for work good one.


In a list of the best office space design ideas clipboard ranks top, Whenever we think about the office organisation ideas including clipboard wall art we find that these are really helpful in increasing employee productivity, morale, efficiency and overall attitude at home. We can put life’s moments, and try putting inspirational messages, and can add black and white art prints for enhancing the atmosphere of the office space. You can take the advice from office interior designers to get better options for clipboard addition. Furthermore, it can put an impression of being busy in the office.


Transparency, whether it’s in the business world or in creative design space, can draw fruitful results where you can divide the walls, and meeting rooms with glass are built to ensure tranquillity and privacy but also corporation and clarity.

Classical And Comfortable

You can make large framed artwork that offers eyes a pleasing experience. In this carpet, furnishing and printed walls can be good to catch the attention of the employees and visitors. It will emphasise the comfort and classic feel of the room.

Modern And Minima

In the modern office, design practice sparkling mirrored art with simple lines and reflected light will make a stunning addition to any decor. Appealing design work with the minimalist setting will beautify the look and feel of the office and make you and employees feel better.

Impact Pictures

In addition, interior designers can provide you excellent solutions where they might suggest black and white photographs, and can produce a greater impact on everyone including visitors and employees. It’s not only about the black-white painting or photographs, but you can also use the colored, unique and something inspirational which could be looking peaceful and motivating while gazing on the picture. It would be a cool and pretty lovely idea.

Add Simplicity of Words

While designing office walls we must keep our focus on the simplicity of the words,  art doesn’t mean that it’s painted or created in another way. Simple words whenever placed on a blank wall become a form of art and if it’s meaningful and inspiring then it’s genuinely awesome.

Unique and Purposeful

If something is unique, it can draw attention very quickly and leaves a long-lasting impression. While going through the office interior design ideas you can combine useful and utilitarian items into a decorating theme that looks attractive and functional. You can vintage calendar, antique cubbyhole cabinets, the arrangement of antique art pieces.

The Wall of the World

We always see the world’s map in different colours and contrast, and every time it seems to be eye-catching and keep up stare for a long time.  It will be like an attention grabber for your office, where it will definitely provide your guests something for talking and will be like an exciting living room wall art.

Beauty of Birds

The large and beautiful large framed bird pictures can make the entire room an attractive one. In different shades and prints, contrasts can add charm. However, soothing colours and well-decorated frame design can be useful in making office space liked by employees and visitors.

We are one of the best architecture and interior designers firms in the Delhi / NCR region who have great exposure in handling commercial projects. A team of excellent architects and interior designers can add value to your business and office planning. Our experts provide you mesmerising office decor ideas. In a very little span of time, we have worked on different creative design spaces.