Your employees spend most of the time in office, and every time they want to feel relaxed and comfortable as they feel at home.  We’re come up with best cubicle decor ideas for you which will let you and your employee an enjoyable office lifestyle. Sometimes your employees feel bored or in the state of idle, don’t know what could be the possible reasons? May be – “you don’t care about their cubicle spaces” or not let them a guide or allow to make their office cubicle much soothing or attracting one.

There are numerous advantages of office cubicles if you’re planning to start a new office or redesign the existing. Then it would be better to consider modern or trending office cubicle design or cubicle decor ideas. Office cubicle themes & ideas might be very helpful to make a pleasing workplace and will drive the productivity of employees to next-level.

Office Cubicle Advantage

  • An Office Cubicle is merely not space, but it also shows a sense of ownership and privacy. This is the place where an employee can store his/her document, file, or any other essentials.
  • In the context of spacing, every employee avail approximately the same space for working. Therefore cubicles prompt standardization in the office & help to boost the working and team spirit among them. Resulting – a productive environment.
  • Office cubicles allow workspace optimization and also work better to reduce the stress level.
  • Good to reduce the distractions.
  • A good design choice always helps you to increase workplace communication and collaboration.


Best Cubicle Decor Ideas

To design office cubicle, one must be innovative and have a sound understanding of office interior design psychology. A passionate and innovative office interior designers may help you to create an awesome working atmosphere for your employees. He/she may advise you for selecting appropriate office cubicle decoration items, design cover, wallpaper and many more.

Apart from the interior designers, you must also be aware of the cubicle decor ideas, so as you could promote your employee to make it more beautiful and sound. And let them aware of how this might be beneficial to enhance their office lifestyle – an enjoyable and stress-free.

Now let’s discuss – which could be the best possible ways for office cubicle design ideas.

Designate a shelf for décor

It’s good if you opt shelf within your office cubicle where you could place reference books, massive binders, wickers, papers, flowerpot etc. All this may add appealing appearance to your cubicle. Not limited to this you can also beautify by adding more aesthetic colors.

Save the date

It might be just another interesting one the would add value within your cubicle space, DIY desk calendar is another good choice for everyone.

Cork trivet pencil holder

Most of the time you lose your pens or try to find anywhere sometime at an unspecified location.  Cork trivet pencil holder can make all this hassle-free and allows you to keep your favorite pens and pencils at right place. It may be one of the most favorite office decoration items.

Paint an unexpected object

Let’s make your office cubicle more attractive and sophisticated by painting any object that could appear more aesthetic. You can transform in a very colorful look and create uniqueness.

Bring in fresh flowers

 You can add a little bit of spring at your office desk, as we know flowers are one of the best gifts of nature, and profound as the symbol of love and beauty. Flowers play a vital role in human life which provoke feelings of love and happiness. Altogether their fresh aroma can mesmerize you throughout the day. These encompass with the power of happiness and cheerfulness.  It would be better if you place simple and pretty flowers cups on your desk. You can do it yourself by availing a different set of the idea using online.

Choose a color scheme

Colors have their own psychological impact on you, and these enhance creativity, happiness, and productivity.  Moreover, low-wavelength colors such as restful green and calming blue can make all your day and may improve efficiency and focus. Apart from this if you wish that your office employees could be happier, effective and more productive then green and blue always a good choice. In addition, purple and white may be the finest choice.  All this energizes you throughout the day.

Hang pictures

Placing personal items around your cubicle work as a memento, where this may include vacation mementos, family pictures, and personalized desk items. To make it more personalized just add two or three items in your office cubicle decoration items.

Office cubicle wallpaper

You can take office cubicle design as an art, where you have to design to satisfy the employee’s inner. So that they could enjoy their work. Therefore, if you want to do something innovative or add value for cubicle decor then office cubicle wallpaper could be a perfect choice.

Office Space Interior Design Services

Now you’re familiar with office cubicle design and items, and if you wish for office space or cubicle decor then HDA Delhi, commercial interior designers can help you a lot. We’re one of the finest architecture and interior design company in Noida, Delhi and NCR providing you world-class interior design services.

Almost everyone of us works very when it comes to finding a perfect location for our office space which should be under an easy reach of our employees, clients or stakeholders. And therefore we should keep in mind few factors in order to choose best office space at the best place. Location plays a very crucial role in selecting any office space and there are many reasons to say so which are pricing, easy reach, business presence, impact on business operations and security.

Let’s talk about the locations in Delhi/NCR region, which offers a wide range of  office spaces to cater all your business goals. Delhi NCR Also ensures better connectivity by every mode of transport facility, and close proximity with commercial units that definitely go parallel with your business. As a business owner, there’s a great opportunity to grow if the office space is in Delhi NCR.

Even after you choose best office location but still modern office design concepts matter for you.As this helps to gain customer attention and employee satisfaction. An office interior designer may assist you to choose the appropriate, as he/she is the person having good knowledge of office concept design.

Most of us pass through a state of dilemma while doing a deep search for modern offices location. Many factors influence our decisions; let’s go through the factors which are crucial for our decision making.

 Deciding Factors to Choose Best Office Space

One by one we’ll discuss the vital factors that may be game-changer for choosing the modern offices.


This is the very first point for consideration which impacts a lot on your business. Here you must think about clients, visitors and employees, and apart from this, you should check the accessibility. In this modern age or era of fierce competition, businesses seek face-to-face meetings even if you use video conferencing and skype. Suppose you invest at a cheaper location that does not qualify all points needed to accomplish your business goals. Now what you’ll do? Would you stick with the same or try to find another location. Of course the new one!

Now let’s talk about employee convenience.

You must consider where your key employees live and are this destination is convenient for them. If the office location is too far from employee’s accommodation then you should think once again. As long and expensive commute forces them to find employment at another destination which is close to them.

Office location connectivity also plays a big role, if this does not allow good connectivity by modern transport facility or 24/7 services then it may impact severe. Nobody likes to walk when going for meetings or office.

Amidst the discussion, we must not forget the parking situation, as this is very important. Most of your employees, clients, and visitors travel through their own convenience such as motorbikes, cars. If they do not find an appropriate parking solution then they try to escape from meetings or job. Which is not favorable for your business.


Now, it’s time to check the neighborhood and for this, you must consider your target audience means customers. Whosoever maybe your client either young professionals, old-age group or women, but if they approach you then it should be seamless.  It makes sense if there’re supermarket, bank, gym, coffee shops, after-work bar, post office etcnear . Apart from this, you must take care of what other businesses operate in this zone. Whether this match with your business or industry line or competitors. All this can drive profitable business by building networking.

Another word noted point is safety that relates to your employees, customers and business assets. Before finalizing workplace you should go through how well-lit areas near to office also must check the parking facility. If you wish to manage with location, in that case, try to consider security arrangement. Also, you should keep in mind about hazardous weather conditions.

In a conclusive manner, we must go with proximity to clients and events. All this help you in every manner.


Most important point! that you can’t ignore. We’ll recommend, first you must ensure that how much space you need, thereafter start budgeting what your business can afford. Even after this, you should not overlook the few points such as three-months rent affordability, hidden costs, price comparison in the same zone. For this, you should do a comprehensive online search for a respective area where you wish for office space. According to your budget, you can opt for co-working space, traditional office space, contiguous office space, executive suites etc. Apart from this we wish for excellent office interior and for this we go with modern office design concepts to match our business identity and vision. So, you should hire a professional office interior designer to decor or renovate your office.


How much office space you need, all depends upon your nature of work and employee counts. In general, every person needs around 130-200 square feet per person or may very. But as we know that every location has different rates for spaces, therefore it’s advisable to consider dedicated space for meeting, growing staff levels, hassle-free employees interactions etc.

So it would be better to find the right property agents or consultancy firms which may assist you to choose best office space for you.

Best Interior Design for Office Space

HDA Delhi is the prominent architecture and interior design company in Delhi/NCR. We offer world-class interior design solutions for all your commercial spaces. A team innovative interior designers help you to achieve your business objectives.

Modern Office Design Concepts

 Every business has different idea and vision, and for this different concept for office interior is needed. Since our inception we’re continuously involved in modern office design concepts to deal with all possible combinations to match your business idea, and also liked by your employees and customers. We not only provide you better but offer excellence under a given time-frame and on budget.

Trending office interior design concepts are connected with the psychology of human behavior. Where modern office design practices impact business productivity and employee’s behavior. HDA Delhi is known for its in-house team of professional office interior designers and architects that build an exciting workplace that thrive. We explore elegant office designs and interiors based on the latest trending concepts.

Why must you have brand-reflective office interior design?

 Office interior design always influences employees, clients, and visitors. Also, an excellent interior design inspires them to do something inspiring. The workplace plays a vital role in your success, and reflect your business identity, vision, and thought. You think yourself twice If feel there’s something like the gap between brand and interior design. As a dull, boring office space would not allow employees to work happily or in a stress-free zone, and also not allow to capture the attention of visitors. Hence may cause of a bad reputation. Therefore, it’s good to take the advice of our office interior designers, as they are the people who have vast experience in corporate office interior design.

Best office interior design concepts

Before selecting the best one, you should have a clear about what you want for your employees, clients or to do with your brand. Let’s go in detail with office interior design concepts.

The Flexible Workspace

Big giant companies use this kind of approach for their employees, as this features unassigned seating arrangements. This concept is gaining more popularity where furniture such as tables, desks, and chairs are resizable and easily movable. It’s quite different as compared to the workplace where chairs, tables, and other resources are fixed. The logic behind flexible workspace is to promote collaboration among the employees. Here they are allowed to sit freely or having the possibility for unassigned seating arrangements for them.

In this kind of workspace, desks and workstations are easy to move as they are on wheels. They can move where they feel more focussed and concentrated. And make it possible for team members to come closer for building coordination resulting speed up of project and productivity.

Nature-Centered Workplace

Biophilic design is one of the most trending office interior design, aim to connect people with nature while they’re working. Psychologically nature impacts on humans and let them feel calm, relaxed, and internally full of joy. The concept helps in better health, creativity, concentration, and work performance. Our commercial interior designers, especially for office, offer you different sorts of combination that perfectly match with your workspace, and capable of enhancing mood.

Let’s understand the elements involved in Biophilic design.

Natural Light:- Most of the time we encounter with artificial lighting in office premises. And natural lights are healthier than artificial ones. So we should allow sunlight or daylight to enter into the office through glass doors, high glass ceilings, glass walls, or windows.

Plants:- These are genuinely the best one for improving concentration and health. Presence of plants make you feel closer to nature, purify the toxic air, and enhance the look and feel of the office space.

Flowing Water:- It would be better to make your office space occupied by fountains, mini-waterfalls, or any kind of soothing water body. It sounds good to connect employees or visitors with nature.

Nature’s View & Materials:- There could be many options like outside office greenery view through windows, or indoor gardens, or maybe imaginative view by painting throughout the buildings.

Home Like Surrounding

How you’ll feel if your office looks like your home? I think it’s amazing!

Today it’s one of the most sought after modern office interior design which companies are implementing for employe’s comfort. The objective behind the home-like workplace is to make the workplace as relaxing and stress-free. Group meeting can be held in informal modes like sitting in a living-room having cozy sofas and chairs. Isn’t good, that employee can work while sitting on the sofa or cafe table. All this makes your day, and increase the business productivity.

Our commercial interior designers offer you different types ofultra-modern office design concepts. Homelike interior design helps the employee to take short breaks to regain energy after strenuous working hours. Technology has changed the entire scenario of old fashioned office space; now, you can work while moving on a laptop. As employees spend most of the time in office, and if work pressure is more or project need to finish in the shortest time, then home-like office design can play a vital role. The employee can stay in office for as long as possible.

Activity-based office space

Most of the companies are using activity-based of office design, means employees can work according to their activity. If an employee seeks more concentration, then he or she can move towards to a quiet and peaceful area that is away from office din. In another case where there is a requirement of collaboration with co-workers, then he or she can opt for open communication with co-workers. In activity-based office design, you’ll find different types of areas- public office areas, privacy areas, quiet focus areas, meeting areas, lounge areas.

Best Office Interior Design Services

HDA Delhi profound for its exclusive and trending office interior design practices. Our innovative and experienced interior designers and architects present you valuable suggestions and services to enhance your business productivity. All services are affordable, as well as designed to meet your business expectations. Today we’re recognized as the top architecture and interior design firm in Delhi/NCR.