Top Architecture & Interior Design Firm

The Inspirational Interior Design idea is the first stage to beautify your living space and office. Habitat is among the top Interior Design Company strives to visualize & conceptualize your space decor and to provide world-class architecture & Interior design services for Residential,Corporate offices,Retail, Hospitality, Restaurants,Institutional and other commercial projects. By our innovative ideas and stylish designs, we design thoughtful, livable spaces. A vibrant design impacts positively on Guests and Clients, where it reflects your personality and thoughts. A team of Interior Designers work hard to infuse spaces with warmth and joy.

Providing an elegant design to our customers is our top-most priority. In a short span of time, we have covered the broad spectrum of interior designing and architecture planning. Our aesthetically appealing designs satisfy everyone. We see every project as an opportunity to showcase our expertise and ability to transform a simple space into a versatile one. In more than 10 years of experience, we’re acclaimed for architecture & interior solutions amongst all of our Clients.We always follow a holistic approach from the beginning ensuring how most of clients requirements can be achieved within his own Budget.

Building Design

By our experienced workforce, We offer building designing services across any part of the country fitting all of your requirements. We use modern tools and technology for 3D rendering and visualization. Our team of building designers, provide you valuable solutions including the best utilization of space, Adequate Natural ventilation,Green Building practices etc. We present you innumerable possibilities to create the building of your dreams. We explore all design styles to fit  for your customized designing

Commercial Interior

We aim to deliver stylish and iconic commercial interior designs to cater your business goals. We have successfully accomplished 300+ commercial projects, and earn appreciation from our Clients for end-to-end execution, transparent pricing and timely delivery. Setting up a milestone in the interior design industry, We have successfully designed various corporate offices, retail stores, hotels, resorts, restaurants, spa, showrooms, mall, lobbies and other public spaces.

Cafeteria Interior

To ensure that your cafe interior design stands out from the competitors ,We explore the best cafe interior designs for your coffee shop. Our team of innovative interior designers brings an end-to-end solution to cater your business needs. We understand that each coffee shop has its own characteristics in terms of designs.. Visually appealing colors, decor & lighting make your coffee shop unique and identifiable.We also have Tie-up with experienced Kitchen consultants for professional Kitchen design & smooth services delivery.

Hotels Interiors

We’re profound for creating extraordinary hotel design and architecture, and also have vast experience in the development of new hotel concepts. Our team of hotel designers and architects create a relaxed and beautiful place where travelers feel cozy. We know that every hotel project has its own identity and character.We have expertise in deciding the right size guest room ,its types & numbers which will best fit into client requirements and shall be able to generate enough revenues.

Retail Interiors

When it comes to retail store design, we create a pleasant shopping ambience for customers and employees. Our retail store architecture and design services reinforce your brand with a theme. Our interior designers take initiative starting with your store layout and retail design. While doing all this we use modern and trending approaches as well as focus on Customer Journey, modular look & displays cabinets.A special focus is given to designing of shop front to attract customers.

Institutional Interiors

Habitat is well-known for its Institutional interior design services in India. We understand the values & beliefs of your institution and design your institution space that reflects it with professional approach. We provide our focus on the end user of the space and study their age profile ,their likings and their preferences to reach a viable design option so that it not only takes care of their expectations but maintains the ethos & values of the Institution.

Residence Interior

We design a residence interiors that not only customised as per individual user of each room as per their preferences and comfort, but enough attention is given to longevity of design and style.We do not impose our ideas on the client but give understand Clients ideas and wishlist and then give shape to it using our professional expertise.We also act a guide to them in case their expectation are matching with their budget or other constraints.We are equally proficient whether it is Modern & Contemporary design style or Colonial & Classic.

Office Interior

We design a business oriented workplace that inspires peoples while leaving a long-lasting impression. The modern office is the place not only to conduct meetings, and carry out day-to-day business activity but a space where most people spend a majority of their non-Sleeping time. Hence we give enough emphasis on designing the office space so inviting that most of the employees love to spend time there and help to boost the productivity of your business.

Restaurant Interior Designs

To crack the business competition, we discover all restaurant interior design ideas and trends. We’ve established ourselves as a leading interior design service provider for restaurants, bar, club & Eateries of all types . Our inspirational and awesome design idea works brilliantly to raise visitor’s count and customer experience. Our Interior Designers known for their innovative and business-oriented designing concepts, always follow a client centric approach